Get a website with the world’s most popular web platform.

Whether you were updating your old site or getting a completely new website, with diverse WordPress we will build you a site with which you can grow your sales.

  • Light and quickly loading WordPress website for your company
  • Easy to customize yourself
  • Excellent base for Google visibility
  • Stylish visual appearance
  • Google Analytics visitor tracking
  • A responsive and mobile-friendly site

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Through us, you’ll get more value for your money when the time normally consumed coding can be used to polish appearance and pages.

Helpot kotisivut has given us everything we wanted and even more.
Jaakko Rikamo
Producer, Refedo

What are the WordPress sites built by us like?

Visually attractive

We implement WordPress websites that give a professional first impression of your company. The sites are visually attractive, modern, and clear.

Customized for the goals of your company

We always build the site based on the goals of a company, be it functionality, texts, or appearance. You will get a quality website totality customized for your budget.

WordPress websites are beautiful and stylish.
WordPress websites are the best choice for small businesses.

Quick and user-friendly

We design a website to be a more user-friendly totality which persuades to explore the content more in detail and directs the visitor forward on their purchase journey.


Websites built by us whose security is easy to take care of by keeping WordPress and its plugins updated thanks to automatic updates.

5 reasons to choose a WordPress website

  1. You will get a website that looks exactly like you want
  2. You will get the website quickly and cost-efficiently
  3. You will update the website easily by yourself in the future
  4. The website looks great also on mobile devices
  5. WordPress website takes search engines into account

1. You will get a website that looks exactly like you want

WordPress websites can be customized to fit the individual needs of each company.

WordPress bends to be a website, blog platform, one-pager, as well as online store. With the help of versatile plugins, all the functionalities that your company needs can be added without losing the grip on a budget. WordPress website size is not limited, hence for example new service subpages can be added while the company develops and there will be a need for changes.

By appearance WordPress website can be easily edited to form a suitable individual entirety fitting to your company brand.

2. You will get the website easily and cost-efficiently

At the moment we build WordPress sites with their own Gutenberg block editor and Kadence theme, thanks to that the sites don’t have to be coded from the ground up every time but we can concentrate on the features producing the most added value for you.

Commonly, for example, the budget of ten hours could easily go to the site wireframe, and not too much time would be left for polishing the site appearance.

Thanks to the visual Gutenberg page builder and Kadence theme, only about an hour of this kind of budget will go to site initialization and the rest of the 9 hours can be focused on the editing of the appearance.

3. You will update the website easily by yourself in the future

It’s easy to learn to use a carefully built WordPress website by anyone, also without previous experience with websites.

Admin panel is simple and thanks to the visual builder, it is very effortless to produce, for example, new text content or change and add images to the site.

We will also offer training on how to use the site with pleasure, after which the clients can update the content of their WordPress website by themselves if they wish to do so.

4. The website looks great also on mobile devices

Most users these days browse your website on mobile, which is why it’s important that the site looks good with different screens of different sizes.

WordPress websites will be designed to be responsive, which means that they adapt automatically according to the device from which they are viewed.

In addition to its scalability, the WordPress site will also be optimized separately for mobile. The best final results are achieved when a wholly personal appearance and usability are designed for mobile, at which time browsing on mobile is even more convenient.

5. WordPress website takes search engines into account

WordPress websites are from the begin with search engine friendly, thanks to both the logical structure and URL addresses of the site.

It’s easy to optimize sites, and with different plugins, it is also possible to write, for example, meta texts which are visible in Google search results.

Search engine visibility is considered also in the building phase of websites by optimizing, for example, site usability and both the loading speed and image and text content.

Leo Sävel

How do I choose a WordPress site suitable for my company?

We will build your website using the world’s most popular publishing platform, WordPress. WordPress site is a secure, good quality, and practical choice that offers diverse opportunities for companies’ individual needs and goals.

Who writes the texts of your website?

The text content of your website is the sales pitch with which people are persuaded to contact. If you want comprehensive and selling texts easily, quickly, and effortlessly, outsource your content production to us.

How pretentious site will you need?

Do you want a visually distinguishable website, consistent with your brand? With a layout designed by a graphic designer, you will raise your website to the next level.

What kind of maintenance does your site need?

In addition to the WordPress website, you will need a domain, server space, and possibly company email. From us, you will get everything from the same place.

Where do you get visitors to your site?

With search engine optimization, you can enhance your website’s natural visibility, and with paid Google advertising, you can rise straight to the top of the search results. The most cost-efficient way is to invest in both.

This is how we build a quality website for your company.

  • We cover together with a website package that fits your goals and needs.
  • Content producer writes selling texts on your behalf or proofreads your text.
  • The graphic designer designs an appealing visual appearance consistent with your brand for your site.
  • The site is built on the WordPress platform and you get to test it before publishing.
  • You get the necessary help and support from us to maintain the site also in the future.
  • Visibility can be ensured with search engine optimization and advertising.

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