Satakunnan Aluetaksi Oy

Completion year: 2022

The goal was to modernize old website, enhance user experience, and to create visually clear and fresh first impression.avoitteena oli tuoda vanhat verkkosivut tähän päivään, parantaa käyttäjäkokemusta ja luoda visuaalisesti selkeä ja raikas ensivaikutelma.

What was included in the implementation?

  • Design and implementation of new website and online store
  • Mobile optimization
  • User tutorial

Reform of Satakunnan Aluetaksi Oy website

Satakunnan Aluetaksi Oy is a taxi ordering broker company owned by people from Pori, Rauma and Ulvila, and which has already offered its clients quality taxi service for several decades.

In the year 1993 based taxi company has along with traditional taxi services invested in business services, low emission deliveries and both party occasions and applicable premium deliveries.

When at the beginning of 2022 it was decided that the website of the company was to be rebuilt, the desire was before all modern, user-friendly, and clear site. Easy websites (Helpot kotisivut) was selected to be responsible for the website project..

No sooner said than done

According to the chief executive officer of Satakunnan Aluetaksi Oy, Salla Härmä, the primary goal of the project was to achieve lighter, simpler, and more easy-to-use website compared to the earlier one.  

“Old website was outlived and did not work properly anymore. For example, the dropdown menu of the site was difficult to use. Wireframe was taken from the old site but everything extra, old fashioned, and unnecessary was wanted to be removed”, Salla Härmä reviews the starting point.

Website project was launched rapidly with a common Teams meeting in which wishes and goals in relation to the site were discussed thoroughly. Apart from a couple of Teams meeting the communication during the project flowed mainly through email.

“I was surprised when I heard we could get new website to a shape to be published already in a couple of weeks. I was a bit nervous in advance when I have so many things on my work desk that I wondered how much own time do I have to invest in this, but the project turned out to be surprisingly light”, says Härmä.  

Fresh and clear layout

In the visual appearance of the new website, clearness and freshness were invested in. Black color strongly belonging to the brand of the company had previously made the site look heavy and therefore in the reforms many images were brought along with it to lighten and freshen the overall apperance.

“It was wonderful how well Erika (the builder of the site) always caught my thoughts when I was telling some wish in relation to the site. In fact there was not a single time that we had to fix anything, states Härmä. 

Due to the quality images and videos of the client the first impression on the company through the site is now really professional and inspires confidence.

Online store freature and user experience

The change in the visual appearance compared to the old was great but in addition to the appearance, attention was also paid of course to the implementation and user experience. The new website loads now very fast to its users and they are pleasant to use both with a large screen and mobile devices.

The online store targeted at consumers was built along with the site, and through the store it is possible to buy a student seat to the driver course organized by Satakunnan Aluetaksi.

Smooth cooperation

Cooperation between the client and site builder, Erika Häyrinen, went well during the whole project.

“Cooperation was really smooth and Erika kept me up to date all the time. I am myself no sooner said than done – human, and for once there was a project which was completed fast”, Härmä gives a laugh.

The site was completed within schedule and the final result appealed both parties. The user tutorial given by Erika, the client also got small supply of information to make minor updates on the site herself in the future, although with the bigger changes she resorts to the competence of Easy websites in the future as well.

“I can absolutely recommend (Easy websites), it was a nice project”, Härmä states finally.