Lahden Elementtisaumaus

Completion year: 2021

The goal was to renew the existing website of the company to be clearer and more easily approachable entirety, and also to enhance the search engine visibility of the company in Google.

What was included in the implementation?

  • Text content production
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
    • Site layout design
    • Graphic elements and images for the site
  • Technical implementation of the website reform
  • Search engine optimization

Lahden Elementtisaumaus Oy

Lahden Elementtisaumaus Oy is in the year 2018 based company specialized in the caulking of new real estate and renovation properties.

In the beginning what started as one man company and the player of caulking industry has had time to establish its position as grade A professional within the circles of construction industry in a couple of years. At the moment, the company employs four professionals and there is growth in for the upcoming year.

More informative texts with the help of content production

The site renewal and clarification project was moved forward by the update of text content.

The content was polished into more selling and informative form, thus all the information required by the clients all starting from the caulking stages to diverse use cases would be easily readable from the site.

Graphic elements to support things said in the text

Different graphic elements were also designed to support text content and to demonstrate the services.

From our graphic designer’s pen were born inter alia use cases, caulking technique and renewal caulking demonstrating drawing images which were placed on the service subpages.

Vibrance to the site with personal photos

Image material plays a major role in developing company mental images and therefore in addition to demonstrating graphic elements quality vibe photos were wanted to be brought to the website.

To ensure personal corporate identity it was decided to use the authentic photos taken by our photographer instead of generic stock photos. With real construction site and staff images the site got the appearance looking like the company, and at the same time it could be of course ensured that similar ones are not in use in the marketing of the competitors.

Building corporate identity with references

References and the experiences of satisfied clients are one of the most effective ways to convince site visitors and inspire confidence in potential clients while they compare service providers in the web.

That’s why the experiences of the clients were gathered together onto the reformed website and genuine client stories were let to speak for the company.

By means of search engine optimization more traffic to the site

The website project also included search engine optimization with which the visibility of the relevant important keywords for the company was enhanced in the search results of Google.

By optimizing links and speed (=Aseo’s speed optimization service) site was raised inter alia with the serach query “Renewal of element caulking” to the best position of Google, ergo so called zero position. The company website are now found even from the better position than the traditional first place whereupon Google also shows a picture and a short text excerpt in its search results as a response to the queries executing user’s query.

Olli-Pekka Asikainen

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