Koti Vaihtoon LKV Oy

Completion year: 2021

The goal was to build visually flashy and clear website in which different target groups were considered – without forgetting search engines.

What was included in the implementation?

  • Text content production
  • Graphic design from logo to business cards and advertising materials
  • Technical implementation of the website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital marketing
    • Google Ads keyword advertising
    • Google Remarketing advertising

Koti Vaihtoon LKV

Koti Vaihtoon LKV is a new real estate agency that offers more modern and agile way to sell a residence.

Thanks to Koti Vaihtoon LKV’s Show your home (Näytä kotisi™) concept residence sellers have an opportunity to save even thousands of euros in commissions, without cutting corners with quality.

The service includes all the best sides of professional real estate service. The only difference to the traditional real estate service is that in Show your home (Näytä kotisi™) service model the seller of a residence shows their home to the buyer candidates themselves, due to what the commission is only 1 % of the debt free sales price.

Koti Vaihtoon LKV Oy
Koti Vaihtoon LKV Oy

Visualizing agile concept

The goal was to create an easily approachable site for a new kind of real estate service and which would attract totally ordinary residence sellers to explore modern real estate service in which the expertise of real estate agent and the affordability of self-selling are combined.

Entrepreneurs had themselves a clear vision of what kind of content the site should have and working on it was started together with the content producer. For the different target groups of the website – residence sellers and buyers, constructors, and brokers – their own texts were written paying attention to both the site user experience and search engine visible visibility.

Clear and distinguishable visual appearance

In addition to the content production, similar straightforwardness and agility which the real estate agency itself represents was wanted to communicate by the visual appearance.

Because a completely new company was in question, graphic design was natural to start with logo design. The graphic designer designed a simple and clear text logo with a little twist based on the wish of the client.

When designing a logo, also the color world of the corporate appearance was set, and it stands out positively from quite typically black and white line of the industry actors.

Koti Vaihtoon LKV Oyn logon graafinen suunnittelu sisälsi erilaisia logovaihtoehtoja erivärisillä pohjilla käytettäviksi.

Regarding the appearance of the website, the wish was to have a clear and plain layout in which the attention is directed instead of visual fireworks to text content.

In addition to website layout and also humoristic brand mascot which came from graphic designer’s pen, business card template, different digital marketing materials and graphical instructions were born and with which any designer can execute communication and marketing materials aligned with the corporate identity brand identity.


Technical implementation

In the technical implementation the goal was a quickly loading, user-friendly, and search engines considering entirety. Thinking about these goals, the site was built utilizing own Gutenberg content editor of WordPress and Kadence theme.

WordPress by itself provides good baseline for search engine optimization i.a. due to logical structure of pages and URL addresses. Gutenberg and Kadence in turn are due to their speed and lightness the absolute elite when building WordPress sites.

Moreover thanks to visual builder and theme, there was no need to code the site from the ground up and this kind of entirety was possible to implement to a small entrepreneur with a reasonable price tag. Despite of using visual page builder and theme, Kotivaihtoon.com with its user interface was customized from the beginning according to the wishes and goals of the company, to form a unique entirety.

Search engine optimization and digital marketing

Visibility was considered in the website implementation thoroughly; in addition to text content and technical optimization, also search engine optimization operations, with which it was desired to enhance visibility with certain chosen keywords, were carried out.

Because the goal was to direct as many potential clients as possible to the new site, the visibility was not left only to natural search engine position. Furthermore, Google Ads advertising campaigns were built for the site.

Thanks to Google Ads keyword advertising campaign the website gained position at the top of search results and traffic was directed at the site when the potential clients were doing Google searches with service related keywords.

Because generally only a small part of site visitors get converted with their first visit, Google Remarketing campaign was built for the site. Thanks to remarketing visitors previously visiting the site can now be lured back to the website when they surf elsewhere in the web.

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