Completion year: 2022

We built Finbound a stylish, informative website which gives a professional and reliable impression of the new operator.

What was included in the implementation?

  • Text content production
  • Graphic design
    • Layout design
    • Logo
    • Brochure
  • Technical implementation of the website

Finbound B2B sales partner

Finbound is in the year 2021 started B2B sales outsourcing partner that enables new kind of agile way to get leads for companies.

Finbound offers support at the beginning of sales processes by taking care of prospecting and the openings of sales discussions for B2B company with hyper targeted email marketing methods.

Informative texts sells

The website project of Finbound was begun with content production. The client had a clear vision what kind of text was wanted for the site and a lot of base material from whose base was easy to go and work on the final texts. The goal was to produce informative and easy-to-read texts for the home page, operating model page, and the about page of the company.

The starting point was to offer all the possible information on the website to support the decision making process of the potential clients, and taking that into account so called FAQ section, in which by its name frequently asked questions are answered, was written.

In addition to website, texts were also produced for Finbound’s sales brochures which the company can utilize in its own email marketing.

Distinguishable layout, stylish text logo, and appealing sales brochure

On the website it was wanted to invest in considered, distinguishable visual appearance that would inspire confidence in the potential clients and would help to differentiate the company from the group, when site visitors compare service providers in the web.

Our graphic designer got rather free hands with the visual layout design, however, the wish was that the site would utilize fish theme some way and blue color world.

For the logo the wishes included a simple text logo which would, however, have some small interesting detail. Desired vibrance to otherwise simple text logo was achieved with anomalous B and D letters.

In addition to layout and logo our graphic designer also designed a digital sales brochure according to the corporate brand identity.

Technical execution

Based on the ready layout designed by the graphic designer the actual technical execution of the website was straightforward and quick.

The site was built with both the own Gutenberg content editor of WordPress and Kadence theme with which, for example, updating the content works out easily for the client themselves in the future.