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Would you like to give a better first impression of your company?

Professional logo design gives your business a face. A good logo will make you stand out, be remembered, and strengthen your brand. Order a versatile and eye-catching logo for your business that you can easily use online, on brochures, and on your business premises.

Need a logo design?

We can design a good-looking, unique, timeless logo for your business with over 1,500 logo designs and experience.

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Logo design price

An imaginative, memorable, and corporate-looking logo. We’ll be happy to design one for your business too, with the experience of over 1500 designed logos.

Text logo: 220 € + VAT 24%

Graphic logo: 320 € + VAT 24%

Logo + Graphical guidelines: 1200 € + VAT 24%

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Why order a logo design from us?

In line with your brand

A unique and recognisable logo designed by a professional graphic designer to give a distinctive face to your business. With your logo, you can communicate your company’s values and industry, and capture people’s attention.

The perfect logo package

A print-ready logo package containing the files you need for all the different uses of your logo. You can easily use your logo on your website, business cards, or window stickers.

Fast delivery

You’ll receive your finished logo in a couple of weeks on average, and your company can start using your new logo right away.

What is good logo design?

Logo design

In logo design, a graphic designer will discuss with you your company’s activities, needs, and desires, and then design a logo that gives your business a representative face. A good logo has personality, looks good for your business, and helps you stand out in a highly competitive market.

When designing a logo, it is important to consider the following points:

Brand, values, and industry

A logo creates the first impression of your business and can convey both your industry and your identity.

It is therefore worth thinking about what you want your logo to communicate: What are your company’s values? How do you want to stand out from the competition? And what kind of quality or price messages do you want your logo to convey about your company?

Or do you already have a clearer idea of what your company logo should look like? Our graphic designers will transform your idea into a stylish corporate identity that will make a convincing first impression on your customers.

Clarity and recognisability

Clarity and simplicity usually work better in logos than complex visual intricacies.

A simple logo doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, a clear logo is usually more recognizable and easier to remember. A clear logo is also suitable for a variety of uses.

While the visual eye of the entrepreneur may be attracted to the trends that are currently on the surface, a logo that works should stand the test of time, and riding the wave of trends may not always pay off.

Different uses

When designing a logo, it is important to take into account the different uses to which the logo will potentially be put.

For example, if the logo is used in small size, it should be simple enough to look really good.

A good logo can also be changed to black and white for a wider range of uses. A black logo can be used on a white background and vice versa.

Text or illustration logo?

In its simplest form, a logo can be just a text logo of your company name, but it can also be accompanied by a graphic element or illustration.

With an illustration logo, text and striking visual elements combine to create an eye-catching logo. Especially for smaller companies, it is always a good idea to get an illustration logo that combines both the company name and the symbol.

The strengths of a text logo are clarity and simplicity. A text logo draws attention to the company name, which helps it to be remembered more easily. Text logos are also a viable option in areas where it is challenging to come up with a clear illustrative theme for a logo.

Updating an old logo

Does your company have an existing logo, but it no longer meets today’s standards?

Even an old logo can be updated by keeping something old and creating a new look, for example with new fonts or an updated color scheme

Our professional graphic designer will design a new and fresh look for your logo while preserving the image you have already created and your existing corporate identity.

However, if your old logo has not been in regular use or is otherwise not visually established, you can forget about it and start from scratch.

Here’s how the logo design process works

  • Initial survey: The logo design process starts with an initial survey, where you can tell us your wishes for the logo. You can share your color preferences, give examples of logos that appeal to your eye, send us a mood picture, or describe the values you want your logo to convey.
  • Logo design and editing: Our graphic designer will design a logo proposal for your company based on your wishes and send it to you for you to review via email. If you wish, the logo can be further refined based on your comments.
  • Complete logo package by email: After the comment round, you will receive a complete logo package by email containing all the necessary file formats for printing, web, and other uses. If you wish, you can also order ready-to-print business cards from us.

Need a logo design?